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Virtual assistants for entrepreneurs, professionals, companies & private individuals
We help busy people like you, for whom time and quality of execution are important.
The Difference

We offer you TIME

Time for you to focus on the big issues or to enjoy quality moments with your family and friends.

Professionals spend around 40% of their time on activities that could be handled by others. So why not delegate them?
without Office Sky
with Office Sky

Our Target

Our target is to offer you the assistant that you can trust to represent you and your business

Imagine you have your personal assistant, always available and ready to handle your tasks efficiently.

Our entire staff is carefully selected and trained, and all their skills are rigoursously tested, to guarranty for the high level service Office Sky commits to offer.

Your Doppelgänger at Office Sky

Here is what an Office Sky virtual assistant can do

Travel arrangements

Reports & presentation

Administrative tasks

Here is what to expect from an Office Sky virtual assistant





We believe everyone can have a valuable contribution and a unique point of view. We give and solicit feedback, and we USE IT.

I started thinking that only cloning is a solution for me. Thank you, Office Sky. My Doppelgänger is such an efficient assistant that I gained time for what is important in my life.
Magda Pâslaru
Marketing Professional

Professional services! And the app is an unexpected bonus. I totally recommend Office Sky!
Ion Cazacu
Completely satisfied. I received the services I asked for.
Ion Rădulea
Real Estate Entrepreneur

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