About our company

Office Sky was born in the era of digitalized life, as a response to the increasing needs of executives, companies, and private individuals of having a virtual help in their daily activities.

We, at Office Sky, went beyond the classic understanding of an assistant and created a Doppelgänger which customers can fully rely on.


Office Sky is focusing on providing state of the art assistant services, that allow our customers to focus on the pressing tasks and activities that require their attention.

We take all the big noise (small tasks) oof your mind so that you can concentrate on what's important in your life.

How we do it

We hire talented people with skills that cover all the needs a person may have in this busy world we live in.

We link your requirements to the person whose profile can successfully meet them.

We created an App to keep you closer to your Doppelgänger and to provide an efficient tool for you to send and track your requests.

What we value


Time is precious. It is important for us to understand your needs so that we can save you time. We aim at making your Doppelgänger a valuable resource.


We discuss challenges and opportunities openly. We believe everyone can have a valuable contribution and a unique point of view. At Office Sky, we give and solicit feedback, and we use it.


Respect is what we offer to both our clients and our employees. It is also what we expect to receive back. We do the right thing when no one is watching.


People are our greatest asset. We aim to foster partnerships with customers and employees.


We are results driven. All your projects and work are saved in the Office Sky tools. When your Office Sky assistant is out on vacation, is promoted, or leaves, the transition is seamlessly managed by us.


We love what we do, and we help each other. We are eager to try new ways of doing things.

Adriana Cazacu

"I always wanted to work with passionate people, determined and confident, in order to provide impeccable services to our customers. At Office Sky, we turned this wish into reality!"
"I believe that no matter what activity you are involved in, you have to give 100% for your part to come out well. My goal has always been to adapt to any situation so that I can take care of my clients' needs while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere within the team."

Bogdan Poslușnic

Operations Manager
"Passionate about new challenges, I work with enthusiasm and pleasure in the company of professionals and in areas that involve putting my communication skills to work. When I have a goal, I do absolutely anything in my power to achieve it, guided by optimism and ambition. Office Sky gives me the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned so far and learn a multitude of other new things."

Iulia Tuțu

Key Account Manager
Registrul Comertului J40/9808/2012
CUI 16923746
Str Maria Moscu Hagi nr. 1, ap. 6, sector 1, București
[email protected]
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