What does a virtual assistant do?

ANYTHING you need. 😊


In short: It frees you from the many little problems so you can focus on what’s important to you or your business.


In detail: hold on tight, here comes the list!


How a virtual assistant operates

In a survey of more than 50 job categories, FlexJobs found that virtual admin is in the top 10 fastest-growing remote career categories. Highly educated, tech-savvy people with strong communication, interpersonal, time management or organizational skills are increasingly interested in working remotely.

Added to the above is the initiative of small businesses and startups to rely on remote working to keep costs down. In addition, companies of all sizes are finding that they pay full-time employees to handle administrative tasks that take up less time than normal working hours, just to have them available when needed.


How can a virtual assistant help you?

The specific duties of a virtual assistant vary depending on the needs of the client and the terms of the contract. Some virtual assistants handle administrative and accounting tasks, while others may post on social media or write articles for a blog. A virtual assistant can also handle travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, entering and storing data in specific databases.

If we’re talking about a personal assistant for private individuals, then it can help you with:


  • Calendar managementYou don’t miss an appointment; you don’t forget anything! Reminds you of important tasks or events.


  • Replies to emails of all partners and friends in a timely manner.


  • Delivering impeccable documents without having to bother with them.


  • Organizing holiday based on the criteria you set.


  • Creating and maintaining a polished image and effective communication on rețelelor sociale.


  • Identify the best furnizori de servicii and product.


  • Any task that can make your life easier: a burger or salad order, tickets to a Bon Jovi or André Rieu concert, a dentist appointment for your child, etc.


An assistant manager can help the entrepreneur in increasing productivity by taking care of:


  • Impactful presentations.


  • Organizing meetings and schedules effectively.


  • Prioritising tasks correctly and taking on those that are within his or her remit.


  • Organising any business trip.


  • EmailsHelping you respond to partners and colleagues in a timely manner.


  • Analysing data and generating reports that are easy to track and present.


  • Search for suppliers that suit your needs.


  • Translations into and from any language your partners speak.


  • Creating, editing, formatting and proofreading any type of document (contracte, texte, prezentări).


  • Taking calls from your clients, collecting feedback and providing information.


An Office Assistant Office Assistant company you run takes on tasks of:


  • Invoicing and receivablesKeep track of what you need to pay and collect. Handles invoicing and checking documents from suppliers.


  • Analyse data and generate easy to track and present reports customized for each department’s use.


  • Orders supplies, identify vendors for company needs, manage space maintenance.


  • Create, edit, format and proofread any type of document (contracte, texte, prezentări).


  • Preparing posts and replies on social media pages.


  • Booking venues, catering, invitations, decorations, entertainment, confirmations.


  • Taking calls from your clients, collecting feedback Taking calls from your clients, collecting feedback and providing information in a friendly and professional manner.


  • The administrative assistant handles translations pentru contracte, articole etc. în limbi de circulație internațională.


Benefits of partnering with a remote virtual assistant

One of the most important advantages of hiring a virtual assistant is the flexibility to contract only the services you need, our prices are set according to the requirements and skills expected from your Office Sky doppelgänger. Our services can be paid for as a monthly subscription (MYVA EXTENDED), on a project-based pricing plan (MYVA LIMITED) or for the number of hours your doppelgänger actually spends working for you (MYVA TODAY).


An equally important benefit is freeing up valuable hours to focus on business development and revenue generation. It’s easier and more cost-effective to outsource tasks that are tedious and time-consuming to someone who can handle them.


The virtual assistant works off-site, there is no need for an office or other workspace at the company office. A virtual assistant works with their own equipment and high-speed internet service.


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