Hire an Office Assistant

A virtual assistant is an independent partner who works remotely to perform administrative tasks. Our virtual assistants are ready to help you with a variety of tasks, from simple to complex, from ordering stationery or taking calls, to meeting minutes or primary accounting.

Why hire a virtual Office Assistant?

Don't waste the time you can dedicate to your team and your professional development! Streamline administrative tasks in your company with your Office Sky office manager!

How can a virtual Assistant Manager help you?

Billing and receivables

We carefully track what you need to pay and collect, without you having to worry about missed deadlines. We can also take care of invoicing and checking supplier documents.


Your team needs translations for contracts, articles etc. Office Sky's administrative assistant can handle this task.


At Office Sky, Excel is our friend. We analyze the data and generate the results in easy to follow and easy to present reports, customised for each department's use.

Call handling

Quiet your office and let the phone ring at Office Sky's. Your dedicated office manager will handle every call in a friendly and professional manner.


We help you reply to all partners in a timely manner or forward information to your team.

Administrative tasks

Your office manager handles ordering supplies, identifying vendors for company needs, managing space maintenance.


Creating, editing, formatting and proofreading any documents (contracts, texts, presentations)

Social media management

Does your company's online presence concern you? Office Sky's administrative assistant can prepare posts and replies for your social media pages.

Event management

Venues, catering, invitations, decorations, entertainment, confirmations - all can be successfully handled by Office Sky.

Customer support

Your company's clients will benefit from extra attention if you work with an Office Sky office assistant. He or she will take calls, collect feedback and provide information, ensure that news prepared by your company is passed on to all customers.

Why choose Office Sky services


Our recruitment process ensures that our virtual personal assistants can adapt to your company's needs and quickly learn to handle day-to-day tasks to free up your time. We provide you with trained and competent assistants ready to get involved!


Working with an Office Sky office assistant will save you time and money in the hiring process. Plus, you only pay for the time your Doppelgänger actually works for your company.


We source the best talent, manage their pay and benefits, develop their skills and retain them through our unique culture, so they become a long-term asset to your company, while you stay focused on the most important tasks.

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We believe everyone can have a valuable contribution and a unique point of view. We give and solicit feedback, and we USE IT.
I started thinking that only cloning is a solution for me. Thank you, Office Sky. My Doppelgänger is such an efficient assistant that I gained time for what is important in my life.
Magda Pâslaru
Marketing Professional
Professional services! And the app is an unexpected bonus. I totally recommend Office Sky!
Ion Cazacu
Completely satisfied. I received the services I asked for.
Ion Rădulea
Real Estate Entrepreneur

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